Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Semester 2010

Spring semester is slowly coming to an end. I have a list in front of me with all the assignments I have to do before the end of the semester. Every time I get to cross something off I feel a great sense of joy and relief.

I love school. I really do. I enjoy learning new things and the satisfaction of earning 100% on an assignment or an exam. I enjoy being busy because I am much more efficient when I have more to do. I love knowing that I am doing something useful with my time instead of just surfing the Internet, though I do a lot of that as well.

I am, however, tiring of the classes that I have. I feel an overwhelming sense of monotony this semester, which I did not feel last semester. Perhaps it is because I was distracted with preparations for a new baby, or perhaps I have cabin fever from a long winter in Wyoming. Whatever it is, I am ready to be done.

I plan on taking two classes this summer, so it is not as if I will have an entire summer to be wild and free. It will be nice to focus on one class at a time though.

One more year and I will be done. I am so ready, yet I am not ready at all. Why, oh why, must I be so contradictory?


  1. I understand the feeling of monotony that comes when you are at the end of a term. I too feel the same way when I am getting ready to close the chapter and start into another round of new classes! Good luck on your summer classes! I am two weeks into Spring Term and visit with my advisor to plan out the last year of my classes as well! Woot! Hang on to the end of the tunnel... it'll be here before you know it!