Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Growing Up

I realized something yesterday. I miss my parents. My whole adult life I have rarely gone a week without seeing my Mom and/or my Dad. We rarely lived too far apart and when we did it still was not long between visits. I do not know if it is pregnancy hormones or simply facing growing up.

Last night we had dinner with my Dad, who was passing through Salt Lake on his way from Wyoming to Idaho. We got to talking and decided that we had not seen him since the end of June. THE END OF JUNE!!!! It is October! What the heck? Has it really been that long? I was shocked. After looking through pictures I determined that we saw him 4th of July weekend, but still, that is a long time. We have seen my Mom quite a bit, but then again, she has been back and forth more than Dad has. Now that she is in Garden Valley we will likely see her more often too.

Anyhow, I miss my parents. I miss Kyle being able to see them every day, especially now that he is older and more involved with everything. I guess that is all part of growing up, but it is still sad.