Monday, August 17, 2009

Kyle's haircut and new 'do

Yep. He is cute. Yep. I hate haircuts. Why, you ask!? Because they make my baby look older, that is why. We got some gel and gave him a little bit of attitude. That made him look even older. It sure is a cute 'do though, so I guess Mommy will just have to get used to it.

Our Family Day At Snowbird Resort

Last weekend we decided to take a little trip up to Snowbird Resort. Our friend, Miguel, got a free ticket at work so we figured the free ticket would be for me (since I cannot ride anything anyway!) and Kyle and Daddy would get to have all kinds of fun.

We started out at the bouncy house, which is right up Kyle's alley. He loved the bouncy house and really liked getting to interact with the other kids.

After the bouncy house we went to the big bouncy slide. Well, in this case, climb. Kyle thought it was a great idea to climb up the slide........... and sort of slide down the ladder. Silly boy!And then it was time to go up to the big alpine slide. We all rode up the ski lift, Kyle and Daddy took a trip down the slide, and then they came back up on the ski lift again. I was terrified that Kyle would wiggle and fall. Looking at this picture STILL terrifies me. It makes them both look so small! And away they go! They are the ones one the left. Kyle loved it and would have gone all day long if we would have let him!After we got done riding the slides we decided to take a trip to the top of the mountain on the Tram. It is quite a ride since it takes you up about 3000 feet in less than 10 minutes. Kyle really enjoyed it! We could see all the way out into the valley from up there and it was so nice and cool that I was loving it. This was one the many beautiful views from the ride. Amazing that it is actually this pretty!Here are Kyle and Daddy getting ready to head back down the mountain. Kyle was so full of energy- he was so tired because we got up to Snowbird right about nap time. He was a very good boy though, thank goodness!We got down the mountain and noticed that all these people were setting up It sounded cool, but was really really loud close up. I wanted to shout "RIIIIICCCCCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLAAAAAA!"