Friday, August 28, 2009

The first week back to school.

Have you ever wondered what 17 college credits look like? Well, it looks something like this. (which weighs about 10,000 pounds)And this. And this. As you can see, it is not completely filled out. One of my teachers has not really, well, gotten their calender up, so I am waiting patiently for my workload in that class. And some stuff had to be penciled in so that I would not forget about it. Some things still need to be penciled in.

Needless to say, if I am not on facebook enough or if I do not post to my blog often enough, this is why. My house IS still clean though, so that is something. And Kyle is fed and clean and does get to see the outside world every day. So far anyway.

Honestly, the first week back to school has been pretty much fine. I can see that there will be a lot more reading involved with online classes because, well, I am not sitting in a lecture hall for 3 hours a week. Lucky for me I am a great note-taker. Also, I have found some great study tools online that should really be useful for cramming for tests. Now I have to secure a proctor for my exams and try to plan out when to take my exams. Fortunately not all of the exams require a proctor. Yay! I do have a couple of people that would be happy to watch Kyle while I take tests, so that is a plus. As long as I can be an expert at time management I should be alright. If I start to slack Larabee is under strict instruction to kick my butt, even if I whine.

Wait. I never whine. Right guys?!?

And this is what I get to look forward to when I am done with my schoolwork........

Yeah. Exactly. *sigh*