Friday, February 6, 2009

Death-Defying Weenie Dog

We all know that dogs cannot fly. It is common knowledge that in the world of reality, they cannot. In fairy tales and Disney movies, maybe, but not in my world.
Apparently nobody told Summer that. Seriously.
Day before yesterday Danielle and I loaded up Kyle, Weenies Summer & Sadie, and her rat terriers Belle, BJ, and Joe into my way-too-small-for-five-dogs-and-a-baby car and headed to the park for a nice walk. It was a beautiful day. Nearly 80 degrees, and at the beginning of February no less. Anyway, we turned onto the road that takes you into the park and drove along at a leisurely 25 mph as per the posted signs. I had both Summer and Sadie on my lap, paws on the window sill, lapping up the joy of a car ride on a nice day. And then, boom.
Summer JUMPED OUT OF THE WINDOW!!! While I was driving! I hit the brakes, looked in my side mirror, and proceeded to watch her roll a minimum of 5 times. The poor thing yelped every time she went full circle. I opened my door as soon as I came to a complete stop and she promptly landed on her feet, trotted to the car and jumped in.
She seemed fine, especially considering everything she had just gone through. We went on our walk and about 3/4 of the way through the walk she started acting like her right front leg was hurting. Because of her excellent sad-dog face she got to ride the rest of the way to the car in the stroller with Kyle. They were both more than happy with the situation.
So anyhow, she is OK. I was worried about her back and her legs, but at this point she is not showing any signs of being in pain. Everything else is back to normal too, so hopefully she did not do any long-term damage. And hopefully she will only ever do it once. Dumb dog!