Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life With 3, Plus You And Me

Our little family is 5 months in to being a family of 5. Appropriate time to reflect on being a family of 5, no?

So far three kids really has not proven to be that much more of a task than having two. Sure, there are more clothes to keep clean. Sure, my time is a bit more divided. Sure, there is often a baby in our bed come morning. Other than that, not all that much has changed.

Except that Kyle comes home from school so excited to make Keelee laugh, saying he really missed his brother and sister all day long. And Kaleb wants to show her every picture that he draws. And they literally fight over who gets to sit by Keelee in the car. Screw the window, they want to sit by the baby. They take diapers to the trash for me, they wipe her face when she urps, they read stories to her or sing to her to keep her content. They are amazingly wonderful in their big brother roles. Keelee is one lucky little lady.

As far as Larabee and I go, we are in a pretty good groove. He is so helpful to me in so many ways. Even after working a 12-15 hour day, he helps with the kids and the house. He makes my life easier when and where he can. He is a rock star.
We are busy with work, with our family, with friends, and with hobbies. It is a balancing act, but we are so very glad to have added this final addition to our family. She is a complete joy and we are all thankful to have been blessed with her!

Keelee Anne

Keelee has not made her appearance on the blog since birth. That is a total bummer.

On April 9, 2013 Keelee Anne Willey joined our family and we could not be happier! She is such a little doll and has such a sweet, content personality.

And see how cute she is?!

Catching up....again

I finally figured out how to write blog posts from my phone, which should not only make things infinitely easier for me but should also mean that I will actually quite some posts again!

Now I just need to figure out how to put in photos and then I will be golden!

Stay tuned!