Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mommy Musings

Do you ever look into the face of your child and feel so much love that you just burst into tears?

I have done that so many times in the last year that I couldn't keep count if I tried. I know it is abnormal because I am not an overly ga-ga woman when it comes to babies. However, when it comes to my baby I am a total sap. He smiles a certain way and it makes my heart melt. He cries because he is hurt and it makes my heart break. He sleeps in absolute peace and my heart is at rest. Amazing as it may seem, one little person can invoke any emotion imaginable.

Do you ever look into the face of your child and feel so much frustration that you simply feel like bursting?

Oh sometimes that boy is, well, such a boy! Today I had him throw his own diaper away and for the rest of the day he thought all his toys belonged in the garbage too! I guess I am just a good teacher, huh? Lately he has been fussy for seemingly no reason too. It is never predictable. It is always at sporadic times of day. I hope he is getting more teeth because then I have a reason and it makes sense. In the meantime it is hard not to just get frustrated. "Hold me Mommy" is his motto in the afternoons, which is great since I have 6 hands to get dinner ready with. This too shall pass. Someday I will be wishing that he still needs me so much.