Friday, February 5, 2010

I miss my sister

If you know where to find this person, please let me know. I miss her dearly and pray that she is found again soon. Or, that she at least finds herself again soon. We love you Bobbie. Do not ever forget that.

Kaleb's first time 'outside'

A few days ago we had a nice day in Wyoming.
Amazingly, they do exist.
The wind was NOT, I repeat, NOT blowing.
It was about 45 degrees.
It felt like 70 degrees without the wind.
Kaleb liked being outside, except for the exceedingly bright sun.
I told him to man up and get used to it.
Then he gave me this look, which I took to mean "whatever".
What a character.

A boy and his dumptruck

When you have boys toys are simple.
Things you can put dirt in, pick dirt up with, move dirt with, and push around at a high rate of speed. Yep, just wait until he wants things with motors.
Oh yeah, I have TWO boys.
Heaven help me.
(I guess I had motorized things once upon a time too...)

It is a Brother Thing

They think they are pretty cool.
In fact, you cannot tell them otherwise.
I can foresee many bouts of brotherly mischief in my future.