Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am huge!

I have been trying to be good about taking photos throughout this pregnancy. I did not have a camera with Kyle and I am sad I do not have more pictures of me pregnant with him.

I am now 23 weeks 6 days pregnant with our little bean. Let me take you back to the first pictures of my pregnancy....

I was technically pregnant at this point. I found out I was pregnant the week that Art and Agnes came to visit us in San Antonio. I was obviously not skinny, but you definitely could not tell I was expecting. I was only about 11 days along. Yep, I had no idea.

In this one I was about 7 1/2 weeks along. I felt fine, but was a bit tired.

This picture I am not proud of. This picture takes me back to when I was pregnant with Kyle. When I was pregnant with Kyle my Dad insisted, at my birthday dinner no less, that we should compare bellies. His was bigger. This time around I TRIED to look bigger, but he still had me beat. Pay no attention to my funny face, I was trying really hard! I was about 15 weeks along.

This is the point that I officially started taking 'belly' pictures. 14 weeks 5 days-

18 weeks 4 days-20 weeks 5 days- 21 weeks 5 days-23 weeks 6 days- Oh baby, how you've grown! Over half way there and I cannot wait to meet you! I wonder if I will be bigger with you than I was with Kyle? We will see!

I did a bad bad thing....

I am naughty and you might as well know it. I am a bad girl, I am a bad girl, I am a bad girl. Shame on me.

I went to Wal*Mart today to pick up a few necessities. Yes, necessities. Like yogurt for Larabee's lunch and laundry detergent. Necessities. I was good, I really was.

Then I left, made it almost on to the road, and I saw it. *SIGH*

A milkshake place. THE milkshake place. I have been craving a good, fresh-strawberry milkshake for a while now. I have, up to this point, been able to hold that craving at bay. Until today. *SIGH*

There it was, right on their menu. THICK milkshake made with fresh strawberries. I shelled out $3.00 for this puppy, but I shared with Kyle so I felt a little less guilty. Heck, I shared with BOTH of my kids. I can feel the guilt slipping away. It is like a weight off my shoulders. Sadly though, it is also like weight on my thighs. Oh well, craving satisfied. And boy was it good!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A big bed for a big boy

We recently moved Kyle to the big bed. Bye-bye baby bed, hello freedom! He has done quite well with that new-found freedom, though he does tend to get out every now and then. Those escapes are becoming far less common, thank goodness. He has never gotten out of bed in the middle of the night. In the morning he waits for me to either come and say good morning to him or for me to tell him (from bed, naughty Mommy!) that he can get up. He has done so well, I am so proud!

Notice the cute animal fabric on the wall? Yeah, that was not supposed to *have* to be there. We have a window there which serves as an emergency escape route. Not the best thing when you have a little one sleeping there. I gave him 1 day to see if he could figure out how to open it. It took about 10 minutes. Off to Wal*Mart I went and I got them to give me a big empty box. I then went to the fabric section and found this piece of fleece on super-clearance, and low and behold, it was the perfect size. I got home, cut out the cardboard, attached the fleece, and secured it to the wall. It works great because it keeps him secure and it also blocks out light for naps and bedtime. That means that I get to sleep until 8, sometimes even 8:15. Not a bad trade for the $3.00 it cost for the fabric.

When I think of things like this it makes me feel very clever. It makes me glad to be me. It makes me wonder what I could do someday if I set my mind to it. I guess it also makes me my Mother's daughter. And Grandpa Joe (Larabee's Grandfather) would be proud of me too because, according to legend, the man could fix anything with bailing twine and a pocket knife. I strive to be like that, though I would likely be more into aesthetics than Grandpa Joe.

My book loving baby

Kyle loves books. He would let you read to him all day long if you are willing. If you are not willing, he will look at them himself. I love that he loves books. He is definitely his Mama's boy!
This lovely boy will sit and look at books for an hour straight. He will by-pass all the toys for the books. What a kid!