Monday, December 21, 2009

Another year flies by!

He was so little when he was born! He was just a tiny little bundle of crying, peeing, pooping, smiling, heart-melting joy. We had no idea what we were in for! Then he turned into a strapping 1-year-old, and what a 1-year-old he turned out to be. Kyle, you are such an amazing child. You are headstrong and stubborn, yet loving and kind. You are naughty and you love doing things you KNOW you are not supposed to do, but you are excessively polite and bring awesome joy into our lives. You are smart and cleaver, but you are still eager to learn and discover. You know the names of most of the animals that walk God's green earth. You recognize numbers, can count to 10 (when YOU want to, not when WE want you to), and are even starting to recognize letters (which amazes us because we have not started focusing on letters with you yet!). You have your colors down fairly well, though recalling their names is a bit tough- but ask you to point out the green dot or the red circle and you are 100% there! You started saying "I love you" and "Loves Mama and Daddy" in the past week or so and it melts my heart every single time you say it. Beyond the things that you know or have learned, you simply 'get' things easily. You have an understanding for how things work and how to solve problems that is beyond your years. It is inspiring. In the past month your little world has changed so much. We moved from Salt Lake, where you did so much of your growing and learning, to Rawlins, where you are cooped up quite a bit of the time. You also became a big brother, a role you are more than happy to fill. You want to be so helpful that it is a hindrance at times, but Mama is learning to help you in your helping skills. You are going to have so much fun with Kaleb as the both of you grow. I feel blessed to be your Mama and to have the opportunity to continue to watch you learn and grow, as well as honored to help guide you through each stage of your life. I love you sugarbean, more than you will ever know.