Saturday, January 31, 2009


OK, I simply have to blog about such an interesting, controversial subject.

The news all over the world is reporting that the woman in California who recently gave birth via c-section to octuplets is single, in financial ruin, and has 6 children already. Now, it is pretty much a fact that she is all of those things, unless the mother of the woman is lying to the news.

Might I be the first in my little world to say WHAT THE HELL!!!! Larabee and I are taxpaying citizens who provide a loving, stable environment for Kyle and it is going to 'financially strain' us to have 1 more. This lady, on the other hand, gets to have 14! Where does her income come from? It says she is going to school full time- who watches the kids when she does that? And who pays for it? California taxpayers? And if she is going to school and not working, where does she get the money to support her family? Welfare? I just do not understand.

It makes me think of our a person I know who 'loves kids', but screams profanities at her 4 children and hits them and God knows what else. And she is probably pregnant again for all I know. Why does she, who is in no way prepared (intellectually or financially) to have 4 children, GET to have as many kids as she wants? Why do I have to limit the number of kids I have because my husband does not want to strain our family financially to have many children? Why can't we just get our kids paid for too? We obviously provide our children with a much more stable environment. You have no idea how tempted I am to tell Larabee that we are declaring bankruptcy, moving home, getting on welfare, and having 10 kids. If we did that though, we would not be providing for our own.

Going on welfare because you have fallen on rough times is one thing. Rest assured my dear friend, it is not you I am talking about. Had Larabee not gotten this job we would have been in the same boat. You, however, do not plan your family around the system. You do not take advantage. You use it for what it is there for- to help you out when you need it. Good for you!

Ok, this turned into a rant more than anything, but honestly, unless this woman is independently wealthy or something, she should be fixed. Those children should be raised by a mother and a father, not by a mother, a grandmother and a grandfather because they have NO IDEA who their father is. *eye roll*

Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Many Pictures?

Is there such a thing as too many pictures? I used to think so because they take up so much room, and then they get out of order and it is very hard to keep them all neat.
Not now! Thank heavens for digital cameras! Yay for downloading pictures to your computer into neat, chronological files. Yay for always knowing when the picture was taken and for being able to easily find the ones you are looking for! Yay for having over 2500 pictures of your son's first year of life!
My husband laughs at me for how many pictures I take but I do not care! When I decide to print all of them out, then he will have room to talk because THAT would cost some moolah. As of now, he is only out batteries, and even those dont die that often. And Kyle will never have to wonder what he did as a baby or what he looked like at any point in his life! Oh yeah, and I am bound to have a few that will make him blush when I show them to girlfriends!