Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kyle's first Birthday!

Now my baby is one. That is exciting and heartbreaking. Happy and sad. It is all good though. I am dealing with it (mostly because I am to the point that I have NO choice in the matter!).
We did a nice BBQ with family and friends which was a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day and the weather was great. I never ever thought I would be throwing an outdoor birthday party for my December baby. Weird. He got some fun gifts and ate two cupcakes! He was really into those cupcakes :)
Today we took Kyle to the San Antonio Childrens Museum and he had a blast. I think he just liked that he was able to be let loose in a big, fun place and never really got told "no" because there was nothing he was not allowed to touch. Pretty good birthday I would say!
I think about all the ways that Kyle has changed in the last year. I know that kids change a lot, especially in the first 10 years, but that very first year is soooo much of a metamorphosus. I mean, he was born helpless and now he thinks he can do anything. He is weaned from the bottle, is walking like a champ, is talking (sort of!), is just everywhere and into everything. Wow. Where did my baby go?