Friday, January 22, 2010

Whatcha Gonna Do With A 2 Month Old?

Why, make him smile of course! And coo and goo. There is even an occasional aaaagoooo. I am loving it! (He DOES love his Daddy, very very much!)
But he is sorta fond of Mama too.

Especially after he eats. Smiles are rampant at that point. Unless he is asleep. Even then though...smiles often bubble out.
It has been a great 2 months and we are very much looking forward to learning more and more about his personality. We love you Kaleb!

Adventures in the

Last week Kyle and I made some Rice Krispy Treats. I figured it was high time that boy learned how to cook.

I think he enjoyed himself. I know he enjoyed the fruits of his labors. Perhaps a bit more than he should have.....
What can I say; he made them, he can do what he wants with them :)

This is a brachiosaurus. Or, according to Kyle, a brocolliosaurus. I love that boy!