Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little boy heaven. Big boy heaven. Either way you cut it, tractors and equipment are very cool. This is what they mean when they talk about big boy toys. It does not matter at all that owning a tractor means work. It is still a piece of equipment and equipment is cool. Remember that.

Now, for this big boy the tractor is not so much fun. Or at least, he claims that it isn't. Yeah right. I do not believe you at all. Especially when you get to introduce your adorable son to the wonders of a tractor. Ahh, the joy of being a Daddy.
And for this little boy, what on earth is he thinking? He looks....mischievous. He he is doing something wrong. He looks...... like his Daddy. Ahh, the joy of being a Mommy.

I guess this is all in a days work at Grandpa Art's ranch. And most importantly, the work is all done. Those boys did have fun, and I expect they will probably have a lot more fun on this tractor in the future. Did I mention I love my boys?!?

Baby in the ribs!

Where is it written that a baby growing inside of you has full reign over your entire abdomen? Silly baby, my ribs are a no-no! Do you know how much that makes my back hurt when you do that? Probably not! You are far too concerned with doing flips and kicks and learning how to be the up-and-coming Jackie Chan. When Mommy cannot breathe you need to move down in the belly. I know that there is not much room there, but please, help a Mama out!