Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I made my own blog background!

See the background that my blog is rocking?

I am proud to say that I designed it :)

It is my first, so there are still some kinks to work out, but otherwise, I love it!

Just had to share my new little fun, time-wasting hobby!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father’s Day, 2010

We had a pretty low-key Father’s Day. I got up early (8:15….hey, any time Kyle is still in bed it can still be considered EARLY) and made Larabee breakfast. He was treated to French Toast and Sausage Links.

I capitalize those because they were SO good.

They deserve to be capitalized.

Anyhow, after our yummy breakfast we headed out for adventure and fun.

First we drove down to Bluff to look at some petroglyphs. They were neat, but we are hard to please, so we did not hang out there for very long.

Next, we drove to Hovenweep National Monument. It was really neat. Basically, it was a grouping of ancient Pueblo ruins from about 700 years ago. There is a small canyon and these ruins are located in various places around the rim of the canyon. We only went to a few of them because Kyle was hot and Kaleb was ready for a nap. A nice couple volunteered to take a picture of all of us, and here is a rare look at…

Wait for it…..

Wait for it….

Our entire family!

Pay no attention to the horrid white shirt I am wearing… I would have dressed the part had I known I would actually be in one of the pictures rather than simply taking the pictures!DSCN24951 After we went home so the kids could nap and we could vegetate and eat dinner regroup, we went out to the Butler Wash Ruins, which are cliff dwellings that are over 800 years old. It was a very pretty hike to get to the dwellings. Once we were there we were able to hike up and around the ruins, but not actually get close. If we did not have kids with us we could have done it, but there are simply some things that you cannot do with a 2 year old and a 7 month old.

Scaling vertical cliffs is one of them.

Sorry kids, we value your lives.

We did walk from the area where this picture was taken over to the star above the alcove. We walked to the right, across a natural bridge, under which was a massive cavern for water flow, and along the area where the small stars are. It was pretty high off the ground down into the canyon!

Kyle did not want to hold my hand.

Again, sorry Kyle, we value your life.

bwr On the way home from Butler Wash Ruins we stopped at Little Cottonwood Canyon Recreation Area so that Daddy could gather some ‘prospect’ soil from the riverbed. There was not any flowing water, but in the large pools of the riverbed there were hundreds, if not thousands, of tadpoles. Kyle knew right away that they were baby frogs, which I was certainly impressed with. We even had to catch a couple of them so that Kyle could touch them. It was so cute!

All in all, we had a wonderful day. I was so happy to be able to spend the day with my fantastic husband. Kyle and Kaleb were thrilled to spend the day with Daddy too! Even if Larabee is ‘not into’ Father’s Day, we will still tell him how wonderful he is and how loved he is every year!

Happy Father’s Day Daddy! We love you!