Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Comeeeere Sadie

A boy and his dog. I do not believe that this is a relationship that can ever truly be replicated by any other relationship our there. Kyle really likes to take Sadie's toys and 'hide' them from her in his toy boxes. She can get to them. So then he puts them on the table or the counter. She cannot reach them there. Think about it- she is a weenie dog. That means she is vertically challenged. Please do not mention it to her because she is sensitive about it from time to time. We are trying to find her a good therapist.

See this look? This is the "what!?! I am not doing anything wrong" look. I get this look about 80 times a day, 75 of which he really is doing something wrong.
Now look at the little dog on the floor beside him. This is her "he has my toy again" look. I get this look about 50 times a day. She is always right.

I think he was telling her "no Sadie", but it could have also been "go away Sadie" or "stay down Sadie". He likes to pretend that he is her boss. She likes to let him pretend that he is her boss.
Ah, who am I kidding? Sadie has no boss.

Now we get down to the mad chase around the trailer. Kyle says "Comeeeeere Sadie. Come on Sadie. Comeeeeeere Sadie" and then he runs. The only reason Sadie actually follows him is because he has her toy. Again.

They run until Kyle needs a break. Kyle watches a commercial. Sadie watches her toy. And then they go again.
This happens morning, noon, and night. I think Sadie puts up with him because he plays with her, and I think Kyle just likes to torture her. Poor thing.