Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The belly baby

Does this make my fetus look fat? Just joking! I am not far enough along to have anything make my fetus look fat, and given the fact that I have lost 4 pounds, I feel pretty good.
One big thing that people do not tell you about pregnancy is the stabbing pain that round ligaments stretching causes. Ouch! Sneeze...ouch! Cough...ouch! Out of nowhere...ouch! At least it reassuring because I know the baby is growing. Grow baby grow!

My big (determined) boy

Last weekend we went out to Antelope Island for the day, which was great fun with the exception of the bugs. We saw some antelope (go figure) and some buffalo (bison if you want to be truthful, but everyone in the west calls them buffalo anyway so just deal with it!), and a lot of open space. Kyle thought it was great fun.
We went to the ranch house to look around and it was GREAT! You could actually touch things, there were not a thousand cameras watching you, and it was very interesting. Larabee and I kept telling each other how neat it would have been to live out there back in the day.
Kyle liked the rail fence and climbed through it several times. Here he is in all of his determination to figure it out. Such a boy!

See Mom, I am a big boy!
Yes son, you are. But you are still my baby. So there.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not a good day for the boy :(

So it finally happened. Apparently the screen door was not latched all the way or Kyle pushed it so hard it popped open, but the boy flew out the door and down the stairs. Poor thing. He bit his lip, got a bump on his head, bruised his cheek, and scraped his chest. The scrape is pretty superficial, but I imagine the scab it is bound to leave will not be fun for him. I am just thankful he did not get hurt worse and that he had grass to land on instead of concrete. Maybe he will steer clear of the door from now on and stop thinking he is invincible.