Thursday, February 26, 2009

Juno- Such a great ending!

I finally joined the real world and watched Juno. I know I am behind, but give me a break. It was a witty movie, and even got Larabee laughing. The best part, by far, was the ending. I cried buckets. I could feel the very raw feeling you experience when you hold your baby for the first time, and I think that is impressive for a movie to be able to make me feel that way. Very very touching!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Darn Molars

My poor baby. These molars are just kicking his little butt. Load up on the Tylenol Mom! I feel so badly for him, especially before the Tylenol kicks in. I think they are hurting so badly at times that he cannot suck on his sippy cups. I am going to try to time his Tylenol intake better tomorrow so that he will have as little pain as humanly possible when he eats. A child cannot survive on raisins and fruit snacks alone!

Real life, good people

I love life. I love reality. I love nearly everything about, well, everything. There are, however, things that annoy me.
I am annoyed that I find it hard to accept the fact that there will always be someone out there who does not like me. I know that seems strange, but to me it matters. I am a Leo, constantly seeking approval, desperately wanting people to like me. I am likewise annoyed that I find it hard to admit that there are people out there I just do not like. Plain and simple, I am not required to like everyone I meet just like they do not have to like me. Why is that so hard for me to get? What is it about that concept that escapes me?
I am annoyed when, after giving many people the benefit of the doubt numerous times, I still get burned. I know that not everyone is going to live up to all expectations people have of them, myself included. I do, however, believe in constructive criticism. I believe that if people can dish it out they should be able to take it. I wish that more people would give me constructive criticism because I know I am not perfect and that I have a ton of room for improvement. Sometimes it is hard to improve if you do not know what you need to work on, and I invite a third party to let me know the areas in which I need to grow.
As annoyed as I can get, I am also heartbreakingly thankful for the wonderful life I have. I just have a few beefs, ya know!