Monday, February 16, 2009

Swimming Outside In February....

I have swam outside in February. At the Castle Mountain Pools and at Terrace Lakes Pool, both of which are heated by natural hot springs. I have also hiked my butt up to hot springs by the highway and down to hot springs by the highway. Once I even jumped into an unheated pool on a dare...but that was in December, so that does not count. But never, in all of my life, did I think that I would allow a child of mine to swim outside in February in an unheated pool. That was before I lived in Texas.
See, down here in Texas winter is all of about a month long. Sure, there are some cold (and by cold I mean clear down in the 50's) days, but for the most part, February is Spring. I am guessing March is Summer. We will see about that.
Where was I? Oh yeah. A few days ago Kyle and I were at Target looking for some Sandals. They were for him, I swear! After I found a super cute pair I noticed that the store already had all of their summer stuff out. And by summer stuff I mean pools, pool toys, water toys, water guns, water balloons, etc. Then I saw it. The Pool. Need I say more!
Since Kyle has always had an extreme fondness for water, and since the day was a blistering 88 degrees, I decided that a pool was the way to go! Boy was I right! For 20 bucks I created hours of bliss in not only Kyle's life, but Levi's as well. Those boys are so funny!
It took Kyle all of about 1 minute to figure out how to get into and out of the pool. It took another minute or so for him to figure out that he could splash all he wanted without being told "No, you are going to soak the entire bathroom!". Yay for outside! Needless to say, the pool was a hit.
The other night, however, Kyle got into it fully dressed. Yeah. I guess even great things have downfalls. It was sure cute though :)