Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We were very happy to have friends to spend Easter with this year, especially since Tiffany graciously offered to do all of the cooking.

I did not let her do it all- I brought the green bean casserole. Mainly because I am a control freak, but also because I wanted to add a bunch of yummy mushrooms to it!

Kyle and Livie had a great time searching for eggs at our Easter egg hunt. I think the Dads...I mean, the Easter bunny, had a great time hiding the eggs.

Woohoo! I even considered hiding them all again just because I know how fun it was for the kids to find them. It was really funny for the parents to watch Livie walk right over the eggs. Tiffany says she is a 'little blonde', but I think she was just acting like she did not see them so that she could make us laugh. Good job Livie!

On Saturday morning we went to the Aerospace Museum because they were doing an egg hunt. Everyone was sectioned off into age groups, so that was nice. There were so many eggs that Kyle filled his basked without having to go far at all. Much better than last year, let me tell you.

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  1. We had a great Easter too!! Thanks for spending Easter with us!!!