Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Evening in the Park

Last night Wayne, Tiffany, and Livie went to the park with us. We were going to feed the ducks and play at the playground, as well as to give Mama some much needed exercise.

Kyle walked, so Livie wanted to walk too! It was a riot to watch these two.

See this big gnarly tree? They were playing peek-a-boo around it for a little while, which was adorable and hilarious. I love watching my little man grow up and learn new things, even if I want him to do it a bit slower now and then. Now, at this point in time I feel that they were likely conspiring against the parental units. Sort of a "you go this way, I will go that way, we meet back here at 2300 hours to reconvene. Ready, break." Or something like that. They probably realized that the Moms had pulled out the cameras and were discussing the best way to avoid having pictures taken. The little turkeys.
Part of me cannot wait until Kaleb is big enough to run after his big brother, but the rest of me is screaming "NO!" Since Kyle started walking at 10 months, Kaleb could easily be an early walker as well. If he starts at 10 months, that means I only have 5 months left until I have two walkers.
I better go buy some good, comfortable running shoes.
Or leashes.

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  1. You Crack Me up! But that is so true about those two kids...they were definitely conspiring! :)