Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am huge!

I have been trying to be good about taking photos throughout this pregnancy. I did not have a camera with Kyle and I am sad I do not have more pictures of me pregnant with him.

I am now 23 weeks 6 days pregnant with our little bean. Let me take you back to the first pictures of my pregnancy....

I was technically pregnant at this point. I found out I was pregnant the week that Art and Agnes came to visit us in San Antonio. I was obviously not skinny, but you definitely could not tell I was expecting. I was only about 11 days along. Yep, I had no idea.

In this one I was about 7 1/2 weeks along. I felt fine, but was a bit tired.

This picture I am not proud of. This picture takes me back to when I was pregnant with Kyle. When I was pregnant with Kyle my Dad insisted, at my birthday dinner no less, that we should compare bellies. His was bigger. This time around I TRIED to look bigger, but he still had me beat. Pay no attention to my funny face, I was trying really hard! I was about 15 weeks along.

This is the point that I officially started taking 'belly' pictures. 14 weeks 5 days-

18 weeks 4 days-20 weeks 5 days- 21 weeks 5 days-23 weeks 6 days- Oh baby, how you've grown! Over half way there and I cannot wait to meet you! I wonder if I will be bigger with you than I was with Kyle? We will see!


  1. You are preggers and you STILL look fantastic! Fantastic! no worries, chels

  2. Baby looks lower in your 23 week pic than your 21 week pic! Lookin Good Girl...Lookin Good!! Can't wait to meet you belly baby!!