Monday, June 15, 2009

At the park in Boise

Kyle loves his Aunt Bobbie. She lets him pick on her. Mommy cannot let Kyle stand on her tummy so we will get Bobbie to do it. You go Bobbie. Yay Kyle! And then he tried to eat the camera. No! Bad Kyle!
Since I did not let him eat the camera he thought it was a good idea to tackle Bobbie. "No, I tackled YOU, I did not want you to tickle ME!
And of course, since he is a boy, he loved this thing. Aunt Randy was more than happy to help him with this. Wee!
When Kyle was running away Aunt Randy decided to make fun of him flailing his arms everywhere. It was funny.
Darn this park though, there are no baby swings. This did not last long!
And Bobbie only went down the slide once, given the fact that this is the result.

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