Monday, June 15, 2009

The Aquarium in Salt Lake

Tropical fish are my favorite!
The bright patterns and colors are magnificent. It always amazes me how many colors, shades, patterns, designs, sizes, and shapes of fish there are. Absolutely amazing.

Kyle loves fish. The aquarium has fish. Therefore, Kyle loves the aquarium. He got so excited when he got to run from one exhibit to the other saying,"FISH!FISH!"He does not, however, like the stingrays. They feel funny, sort of like a slick sponge. Kyle just was not into them. I do not blame him for a minute.He was very excited about the kids area. All the fish were at his level, he could run around like a crazy kid, and he just thought is was cool. "FISH!FISH"

And it did not hurt that they had tunnels to crawl through. What a face!

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