Friday, May 1, 2009

A day of exploring

Today we went out to explore. We ended up by the "Great Salt Lake". Really not very great in our opinion. It is so salty it is considered the Dead Sea of the US. I think brine shrimp live out there. And a lot of smells live out there too. But we still explored. We picked up some rocks and threw them. Kyle learned the great art of navigating unsteady terrain. He even learned about climbing up rocks. He is so brave it is scary.
It was a really decent day for it. Not too sunny, not too cold. T-shirt weather.

And Kyle even kept his new hat on the whole time.

Until he bumped it on a rock and it came off. Of course, he wanted it right back on.

Now Mommy is tired. Do you think we wore out that boy? Not a chance.

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