Sunday, January 18, 2009

Diary of a weenie dog

My name is Summer. I am a daschund. I am spoiled. Not as spoiled as I used to be, but spoiled none the less. I love kids, especially my Kyle. He is so funny. He loves kisses and laughs when he tricks me. By tricking me I mean this- the takes a piece of food, pretends he is going go give it to me, and then runs off laughing when he decides not to. I am OK with it though, mostly because I know I could take him down if I really wanted it. Like maybe if it was a piece of jerky. Or a hot dog. I love to go for walks and am getting used to the idea of running beside a bike for a weekly outing with the family. I like being in front though. I am not that much into chasing the ball, but I love a good game of tug-of-war as well as going crazy on the rope. Yep, I have it pretty good.

My name is Sadie. I am a chiweenie. I am not sure if I am a Mexican, a German, or an American. Or what language I understand. I am the first child, though I did have to give up some of my attention when Kyle was born. I told my mom that she was in labor, but she didn't listen. Now she realizes that I am not the only one that doesn't listen! That Kyle, man, he is a goldmine. He sits in his highchair and always shares with Summer and I. Mostly me though, because surely he loves me more. Right? I live for the ball, which is funny because I did not care for the ball when I was itty bitty. Now my mom says I must be part Lab. Like Summer, I love to go for walks and runs on the bike. If I am in the back though I am determined to get into the lead. I could probably pull mom and Kyle up a hill by myself if my darn collar would not choke me! I cannot help it though, it is in my nature. I am spoiled too, especially since I get to sleep in the big bed with mom and dad. I tunnel way down to the bottom of the bed and sleep on dad's side. He calls me his little foot warmer. I wont sleep on mom's side because she kicks too much. I learned that fast!

If we ever do anything funny I am sure that mom will update this blog thing for us. What is a blog? Can we eat it?

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