Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Father Hood"-Patrick Swayze circa 1993

We have Netflix. The reason we have Netflix is to be able to watch the latest movies as soon as they come out. Well, except for this one. Now, I am not the biggest P.S. fan- I do LOVE Dirty Dancing and he was alright in Black Dog, but other than that I can take him or leave him. Of course, I will totally take him if I got to play Baby on Dirty Dancing- fun fun!

Anyhow- that was off topic!

A few months ago we went to Cascade Caverns, which is just West of San Antonio. It was a quaint little family owned joint that was pretty podunk, but that was part of it's charm. When we were taking the tour the guide told us that this movie called "Father Hood" had scenes that were filmed there. We put it on our Netflix list as soon as we got home. But we are high-graders. We kept bumping it down the list so that we could satisfy our need to have the newest thing available.

Last week I noticed that it had crept back up to the top of the list, like the proverbial tortoise, slowly overtaking the hare. The hare being all the cool new movies that everyone has to see first so they can be the 'cool' person. I was going to bump it back down, you know, put it in it's place. I think that I was, however, in a mood that made me really feel for the underdog. I probably just got done watching Oprah- that will make you want to go buy every bum on the street dinner at a five star restaurant(which would get expensive in San Antonio!). Damn Oprah.

I let "Father Hood" remain at the #1 position. I let the underdog be top dog. I put the second string in for the big game. I am heading toward sainthood I tell ya!

Turns out this movie was really pretty good. With the exception of the corny fighting and bad stunts and special effects that are pretty much part of any movie from the 80's and early 90's. And with the exception of Patrick's hair. Gross and oily. Bleh.

It was pretty neat to see the park the way it was in the movie and the way it was when we were there too. Sort of like being able to say, "Hey, I knew that girl and now she is on TV". I feel a connection with the movie. Especially the dinosaur at the entrance to the park (which is now located by the old gift shop amid a huge prickly pear cactus). So, if you get a chance, watch it!