Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 Days

Kaleb Joseph, did you know that in a mere 10 days we will be celebrating the fact that you came into this world and that God blessed us with your splendidness? When I say splendidness, you may think that I am being sarcastic, but believe me when I say that I am not being sarcastic. You are absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, splendid. True, you are starting to voice your opinions. True, they are not always our opinions. True, you are at a point where you do not have the words to express how you are feeling and more often than not voice your opinions with a screech. No matter; you are still simply splendid.


  1. Wow..already!
    Happy (early) birthday Splendid wee Kaleb!

  2. Grammy misses both her boys. Wanna cry now.

  3. Happy Birthday Baby Kaleb!! Yes, I are no longer supposed to be a baby anymore...but since I saw you last when you were still a baby, you will not be considered a big boy to me until I see it for myself! LOL :) Aunty Loves You Kiddo!!