Monday, July 12, 2010

Happiness and Bliss, Wrapped in Cuteness



Kaleb, you are such a blessing and a joy. You radiate happiness and turn even the gloomiest day into a wonderland. How can I even begin to express how you have made our family better than ever?

For a little guy you are a big thinker. I watch you taking in all of the goings-on around you and I can tell that you are focused on figuring out the how and why of it. It amazes me that you have the ability to really watch and learn at your young age.

Your personality is an absolute wonder. I think you are a lot like your Mama. That makes me happy because I feel that we will always have that connection, no matter what. You are surfer-dude laid back and most of the time you do not think anything is a big deal. Well, unless your meal is late- that, to you, is a big deal. You do not blow anything out of proportion. If you get upset you let us know and then you get over it. You are content 90% of the time and even in the 10% of time you are not, it still is not that bad.

You recently learned how to sit up. Actually, that is not true. You recently decided you wanted to sit up. You have been able to do it for a while, you simply did not want to. That is pretty much how you are. You do things in your own time. You cannot crawl just yet… or perhaps you just do not want to. You ‘seal’ crawl, which is very cute and it gets you from point A to point B. With this newfound mobility you are exploring the world around you in a whole new way. I imagine that you will be into everything sooner rather than later, so I am truly enjoying not having to tell you no every 5 minutes.

We cannot wait to see how you grow and learn and change, but part of me wants you to stay one bundle of happiness and bliss, wrapped in cuteness forever.



  1. He is getting soo big!! Livie and I are sitting here reading your blog first the one of Kyle and now the one of Kaleb and Olivia says to me "Mom-I want Kyle...Mom-I want hold Kaleb"! :( So sad...she misses you guys and so do I!! :(

  2. Oh, we miss you guys too! I cannot believe Livie is 2! Aww :)