Monday, March 15, 2010

The Frontier Prison

Today I took the boys to the Wyoming Frontier Prison here in Rawlins. We bundled up with lots of layers. It was about 45 degrees outside, so it was bound to be colder inside of the stone prison. It was. Kyle thought it was great fun to try out the bed on cell block C.
And apparently solitary confinement was great fun as well.
I specifically told him that this is the ONLY time that he should ever be in a prison cell. Ever. I will kick your bum otherwise, you punk.

This dandy cell is 12'x12' and housed 3 men. That is more people in less of a space than we have in our RV. And we actually like each other. I bet that was a comfortable living situation.

This cell housed 2 inmates and was a whopping 8'x12'. This is how prisons today should be. No more pampered prisoners.

This was the 'sunny side' of the prison, the hot spot, the place to be. If you were incarcerated. I guess one has to strive for the best in any situation.

See this guy? Every time he got arrested he would give the local judge a different name so that he would not be labeled a habitual offender. The sole purpose of this was to make sure he only got the minimum sentence each time he was caught. His ruse worked until he was brought back to this prison for a second time and the warden knew who he was. Gotchas sucker!

This is quite the building. Very neat looking. Very big. Probably scary as heck at night.

Kyle thought it was pretty darn spiffy. Does he know what spiffy is? Would he use it he did. So many questions.

All in all, the tour was informative with quite a few great stories thrown in. If you ever happen to be in Rawlins Wyoming, check it out!

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