Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Realistic New Years Resolutions

I looked back at my resolutions from last year and laughed. I believe I was FAR too specific and unrealistic. So this year I have a different approach. Call me crazy, but these are my resolutions.

1. I will lose 5 pounds. Once I have lost 5 pounds I will reevaluate and likely resolve to lose another 5 pounds. Or I might get excited that I reached my goal, celebrate by baking a cake, gain back the 5 pounds lost, and vow again to lose 5 pounds. Either way, I will lose 5 pounds.

2. I will exclusively breastfeed Kaleb until he is 3 months old. This one is fairly safe because he is almost 7 weeks old now and we are on track to succeed. On the other hand, the Dr might want me to supplement if he is not gaining enough weight, but that is beyond my control and therefore would nix this resolution through no fault of my own. At 3 months I will reevaluate our situation and whether or not EBF is working for us and either run screaming for the hills (leaving Larabee no choice but to give him formula) or I will resolve to EBF until he starts getting teeth. At that point, it will likely be a day-to-day decision to continue or not. Hey, I am just being honest.

3. I will pass all of my classes. 6 classes. All 2oo level and up. All college courses. 18 credits. While keeping Kyle from drinking the dog water and keeping Kaleb fed and happy. While having dinner on the table every night and keeping the clothes washed and the house relatively clean. Yep, passing will do. IF by chance I am keeping up on everything fairly well, I will shoot for A's and B's. I got all A's last semester fairly easily but that could have been a fluke. I don't want the pressure people!

4. Larabee and I will still be married in 2011. That is a given- we cannot afford to get divorced. Besides, we sorta love each other and our family, so the big D is not really an option.

5. I will tell my children at least once a day that I love them. I will kiss them unapologetically and hug them until they are thinking "Oooooookkkkkkk Mom!" It is my God-given right to hug and kiss to my hearts content, so get used to it boys!

Yep, I think 2010 will be a pretty good year.

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  1. They sound like very reasonable resolutions! Good luck with sticking to them though I'm sure you'll do just fine! I know it isn't the case for all women but breastfeeding is great for helping lose weight so you might just be achieving two of your goals at once ;) ADORABLE kidlets by the way!