Monday, August 17, 2009

Kyle's haircut and new 'do

Yep. He is cute. Yep. I hate haircuts. Why, you ask!? Because they make my baby look older, that is why. We got some gel and gave him a little bit of attitude. That made him look even older. It sure is a cute 'do though, so I guess Mommy will just have to get used to it.


  1. He is adorable... hey... is it your birthday today? For some reason I think it is, but may be wrong! If so, Happy Birthday! If not, consider it a crazy birthday wish for next time!

  2. are sure growin up little man!! I can't wait to see you guys...someday :(

  3. OMG!! I could not agree more about the hair cut thing!! drives me crazy when his hair is long, but he looks wwwaaayyy too old right afterwords. it's like you get a sneak peak into the future!! wwwhhhaaaaa!!!

    Jaime, December 2009 expecting club.