Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It is amazing how every milestone that our children reach we feel as if they are slipping out of babyhood and into childhood even faster than before. The first time Kyle does anything on his own I cannot help but get sentimental and emotional at the fact that my baby seems to be disappearing and is slowing being replaced by this wild, rambunctious, smart, funny, crazy child.

We know that the 'big' milestones are worth remembering, but what about the little milestones? Do you remember what day your child first said every single word in their vocabulary? I certainly do not. Do you remember when they first started using adult utensils? I sort of remember, maybe; OK, I don't know that one either. I can, however, tell you what day it was the very first time Kyle counted to '5' all on his own. It was Monday, Labor Day, the 7th of September, 2009.

We had just traveled back from Garden Valley and gotten everything pretty much put away. Kyle went to bed late, but since he had been in the car all day it was not a big deal. Larabee and I were out in the living room getting things ready for the next day when Larabee stopped me and indicated that I listen. Kyle was in bed counting to himself. I thought "how cute! That little turd just does not want to sleep!". Well, he has been able to count to 3 for some time, so it was no surprise when he got that far. Then we heard "four" and Larabee and I looked at each other with looks of astonishment on our faces. Then we heard "five" and we about fell off of the couch. He skipped six, said "seven, nine, eight, ten" and left it at that. Not too bad for a 20-month-old if you ask us! We are so proud of our little boy and his supreme intelligence, even if he was just using it as an excuse not to go to sleep.


  1. nice blog n nice to meet u,hai friend i would like to show u my childrens video & photo, very sweet ;-)

  2. Way to goo Mr. Kyle!! You are such a sweet smart boy and I miss you soo much!!! I hope that I get to see you guys soon!! I miss you! :(