Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swimming with Livie and Tiffy

While at home we went swimming with Livie and Tiffy. Talk about a great time! What a blast!
Kyle had so much fun trying out his new water wings. They seem to work alright, especially considering the fact that he is JUST A BABY! Why do they have to grow up so fast?Thanks for taking this picture Tiffy. I am sure you simply wanted to show the world how magnificent preggo ta-tas are. I am ready to bust out of this top! Sheesh.

Oh yeah, Kyle is having fun. Water water everywhere! Just his cup of tea.Oh the slide! Up, down, up down, up, down. He would have stayed there forever!

What? Get out!? I don't think so! Such a little water baby! He is taking a nap right now and I am almost positive he is dreaming out swimming. I am sure of it.

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  1. This was fun...and you flaunt those Preggo Tata's girl!! :)