Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another weenie....

Lets see... where to start.
Sadie has been sort of a hag since we left Idaho. We think that it is a combination of us having Kyle, moving into such a small living space, and not having Bubba and Gypsy to play with. So after much thought we decided that maybe Sadie needed a friend. We got online and started looking at some of the animals that are available down here in San Antonio. We weighed the pros and cons of a puppy VS a grown dog, a male VS a female. We thought about another weenie and found a Dachshund rescue organization but they wanted over $200 for some of their dogs. Excuse me? They are rescued dogs that these people are trying to find homes for. Why would someone spend that much on a grown dog with possible mental issues when they can go get a puppy and give them their own mental issues?
We found a Chihuahua that seemed pretty good, was supposed to be good with kids, liked other dogs, potty trained, etc. Her name was Cocoa and we brought her home and she was a no go. She snapped at Kyle and so we took her back. Sue, who we got Cocoa from, runs Tess' K9 Rescue and she told me she had another dog that might be better for us. She is a Doxie that is 4 years old. We brought her home and she LOVES Kyle. If he is in bed and makes a peep she has to run in and check on him. She actually got into his crib (there were things leaned against it) earlier to lick him to death. It was really cute and Kyle just laughed and laughed. We decided to re-name her Summer. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she works out, but so far so good! I cannot believe that I have ANOTHER weenie dog! Oh yeah, and Sadie likes her OK, but i am sure they will be great friends soon :)